It's been a good run!

KnightReaver905 atag posted Mon at 23:39

We have really enjoyed the time we have spent on Kotct and with the players and staff. As interest seems to have fallen off and the Owners are not really able to keep up with the needed upkeep of the server we have decided to not renew the server after this month! The server will shut down sometime between October 1st and October 4th. If you made a donation in the last 90 days you will receive a refund! Thank You! To everyone who has supported us and played on our server. We will miss you and hope you have fun and do well in every thing you decide to do from here on.

May God bless and keep you all!

UrMom38, Jagermeister355 and KnightReaver905.

logan0109 Right when I get back to I love this server it was the most fun and I hope you all take care sorry to see it go
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